Chookhouses are as variable as the chooks who live in them. From dinky little arks on wheels, designed to be moved around a suburban yard; ornamental houses with stained glass windows; functional sheds made from scavenged packing crates and old tin; to permanent buildings complete with planning permission, plumbing and electricity.

Enjoy browsing through our many and varied constructions. There will undoubtedly be more to come.

The Chicken Tractor
The Broody Coop
The Summer Palace
Nicola’s Ark
The Winter Garden

Space Requirements for Housing Chickens

the minimum space required per normal-sized hen

  • house – 1.5 square feet (0.14 square metres)
  • run – 8 square feet (0.75 square metres)
  • perch – 6″ to 10″ (16 to 25 centimetres)

This assumes the birds are confined to the house and run – if they get free ranging for a couple of hours every day, the run can be made smaller.

Chicken tractoring uses higher densities than this (in the run at least) as the intention is to work intensively for short periods of time before being rotated to fresh ground.



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