The Peeps and the Sammies (4)

Details of the introduction of the Sammies to both the Great Outdoors and to the Peeps can be read in the Summer Palace section. Lets just say that it took a wee while for the two flocks to settle down – Buster established himself as Numero Uno by beating up Alice and Lily, and Big Bird did the same to Frida to avoid being the bottom of the lists. Basil was a nuisance and had a habit of really harassing whoever was having a bad day, so spent a couple of days on his own in the broody house. On more than one occasion!

Once both groups were outside, the growth rates started to even up:

Peeps and Sammies – weight post-brooding

By Week 10, Buster had caught up to Alice. And at the other end of the scale, Poppy had caught up to Frida by the end of Week 13. (You’ll probably need to open the table separately to read properly).

Peeps and Sammies post-brooding, weight (in grams)

Then in week 14, Basil and Sky started to crow, which marked the end of the line for our boys. (For full details, see Walking the Walk.) And within another four weeks, Alice had been sold, followed quickly by Cindy, and the other Dorkings started laying. Then Jenny and Cholet moved to Dunedin and were renamed Gytha and Esme, and we were left with four of our bubs – Lily, Frida, Poppy and Claire.

The Peeps and the Sammies were peeps no more.


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