Layer of the Year 2015

January 6, 2016 § Leave a comment

Time to announce the Golden Cloaca of 2015. Drumroll please:

Eggs 2015 Total



Leading the way for the Sisters of Sin and Misery, our top layer was Summer, with a magnificent 197 eggs for the year. Yay Summer! This was despite flirting with the odd spell of broodiness, and never seeming to be super productive. (Deceptive, like her mother Holly.)Victorious Summer

And as if to demonstrate just how much being broody can slow you down, second place went to Vivien with 168 eggs, and third place to Jeannie with 163. Given how often that pair were broody, (not to mention the fact that Jeannie almost died in winter, and then raised the Cloud chicks at the end of the year), their numbers are quite remarkable. Well done girls!


The full list, in order, is below. Something to note – Gabby and Saffy both started hiding their eggs in late spring. So their actual numbers are definitely higher, but as their cache was discovered by strimming the long grass, we can’t be sure who laid how many of the resulting mess. An extra dozen each is not impossible. (But since we couldn’t bring them in, they only count in the wistful sighing category.)

2076 eggs collected. 173 dozen. All things considered, not bad at all! (Except for Dorothy and Claire. Sigh …)

Summer – 197
Vivien – 168
Jeannie – 163
Carmen – 155
Rain – 145
Hannah – 129
Remy – 126
Freya – 116
Scarlet – 112
May – 109
Charlotte – 106
Kali – 100
Gabrielle – 92
Adelaide – 79
Amelia – 65
Emma – 58
Imogen – 46
Ruby – 33
Olivia – 19
Holly – 3
Ella – 3
Poppy – 1
Claire – 0
Dorothy – 0

Vivien at 13 weeks Jeannie


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