Layer of the Year 2014

January 6, 2015 § Leave a comment

Well it’s another year been and gone, complete with drama, sadness, joy, silliness, eggs, chicks and squawking. We’ve had 1660 eggs laid over the course of the last twelve months, and been through both plenitude and dearth (and back again). To find out who won each month, do have a wander back through the old monthly summaries. There are bound to be surprises.

But with no further beating around the bush, it is time to announce the Golden Cloaca of 2014. Drumroll please (and apologies for the Y axis having a nervous breakdown, but it’s trying to span too great a distance):

2014 totals


Adelaide, the 2013 Golden CloacaYes, it’s Adelaide, for a triumphant Second Year in a Row, laying a deeply valued 149 eggs. Well done Miss Adelaide! She’s not the most impressive layer, but she just keeps going and going. (And, this year at least, not going broody.)

Second place, once again and still surprisingly, was Charlotte, with 141 eggs. Well done, again! Another hen who just goes about laying. (Although there definitely is fuss. She’s a Dorking, after all.)

Third place went to one of our newcomers. Despite only laying her first egg back in August (and therefore only having four months to accumulate her total in), Vivien managed an astonishing 130 eggs, including our longest-ever laying-streak of 42.

For those of you who are interested (and can’t be bothered going through the months individually), here are our egg totals for each of our girls for 2014:

Ella – 8
Lily – 25
Poppy – 4
Claire – 0
Gabrielle – 112
Holly – 112
Imogen – 94
Olivia – 66
Adelaide – 149
Dorothy – 1
Charlotte – 141
Saffy – 122
Freya – 92
Remy – 118
Jeannie – 110
Rain – 100
Summer – 123
Vivien – 130
Kali – 81
May – 72

So zero for Claire, 1 for Dorothy, and only 4 for Poppy. (You know it’s bad if you are out-laid by Ella!)

What a flock!

Adelaide, 13 Nov 2013 Charlotte, 5 July 2013 Vivien at 13 weeks


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