The ChookeNZ Research Centre

mad scientistDon’t worry – despite the picture, we’re not trying to genetically engineer a four-legged chicken to reduce dinner-table arguments, nor are we trying to create hen’s teeth (rare they may be, but apparently it can be done – in theory). It’s just that, given that Stewart is a scientist during the working week, and that Jo minored in HPST (the History and Philosophy of Science and Technology Studies), we have a tendency to also look at our girls as research studies. Hence all of the data on egg production, chook weights and so on that you’ll have seen sprinkled through the the site.

Just to be absolutely clear on this: we do not ‘experiment on’ our chooks! We just make observations of their normal behaviours, and try and make sense (?!) of them.  Think Jane Goodall or Dian Fossey, rather than Victor Frankenstein.

In this section you’ll find pages on the various bits of research we do on our girls, plus any other scientific titbits we collect on Gallus gallus domesticus.

Moulting – Part 1
Moulting – Part 2
Seasonal variation in egg production
Egg Analysis – i. Eggs
Egg Analysis – ii. Yolks and Whites
Egg Analysis – iii. Shells


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