Egg Analyses part ii – Yolks and Whites

Yolk and White

Each egg was cracked onto a white bread plate and photographed. The egg was then cooked in a small non-stick frying pan over medium heat until the white had just set (“sunny-side up”), and photographed again.

Note was made of four main characteristics – how thick the white was; the size of yolk relative to white; the colour of the yolk; and the behaviour of the egg during cooking. Yolk colour was determined by placing colour swatches (Resene Multi-Finish again) against the yolk. The camera was set up in a stationary position in front of a north facing window on an overcast day, around noon.

Hen Thickness of White Size of Yolk Colour of Yolk
Ella Definitely a 2-part white, very thick and clear, sits right up around the yolk.

Very luxurious egg for eating!

Very large. West Side


Venus Two part white, very thick and clear. Doesn’t sit up quite as much as Ella’s.

Very good for eating, just not as luxurious as Ella’s.

Medium/ normal. Yellow Sea


Lily Outer white is very thin, almost watery. Inner white doesn’t sit up around the yolk.

Not so good for frying or poaching as it flows too much, and the yolk sticks right up out of the white.

Medium/ normal Yellow Sea


Frida No separation between whites, very watery. Small, although exaggerated by the wateriness of the whites.

Not an egg to poach or fry.

West Side


Poppy Very distinct whites, with inner very thick and close to yolk, and outer very watery.

Good for any sort of cooking, without being spectacular.

Medium to large yolk. Yellow Sea


Neroli Inner white sits up a bit, and definitely thicker than outer white, which is very watery. Medium/ normal Yellow Sea


Claire Two distinct whites, with inner thick and sitting up around yolk, and outer quite watery.

Good to fry or poach – same level of luxury as Venus.

Medium/ normal. West Side


Bessie Definite separation of whites, with inner thick and sitting up, outer watery.

Good for any sort of cooking, just not as special as Ella, Venus and Claire.

Medium/ normal. Yellow Sea


As this photo shows, the thickness of the white has quite a big effect on how the egg behaves when cooked:

clockwise from top: Venus, Frida, Poppy

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