Laying summary – November 2014

December 4, 2014 § Leave a comment

A bit of a topsy-turvy month, with injuries, broodiness, birthdays and bitching:

Eggs Nov 2014

As you can see, those that are laying are generally laying well, with the pullets doing what they out to … mostly. The winner once again was Vivien, who seems to have decided that 28 eggs is a good number. Yay Viv! And second, once again, is Summer with 27 eggs. The (slight) surprise is the third place, which went to Adelaide with 24 eggs. So what happened to Rain and Jeannie?

Broodiness. Oh my god, and how. Rain was thoroughly broody by the end of the first week of November, and took about a fortnight to break and return to laying. So her 11 eggs weren’t too bad, all things considered. Madame Jeannie is apparently going to be exactly like her mother, so we’ve given up trying to fight what is evidently a force of nature, and have her sitting on eggs.

In the drama stakes … Holly is still laying, but seems to have sustained some damage from her massive prolapse, and is even more droopy than before. We’ve had her on antibiotics again in case there was an infection, and Metacam to try and deal with any pain and/or inflammation. So far no discernible improvement. Poor girl. But it didn’t stop her laying 18 eggs. We check her nether regions every day, and all seems to be where it should be. (Other than proximity of bum to ground.) The usual wisdom is that if they can lay securely after a prolapse is repaired, you can more or less treat them as ‘normal’. Although presumably the underlying cause is still a potential issue. Oh well. We’ll see how she goes. Fit her with an egg-pouch bra if we have to.

The other bit of drama is with Kali, who seems to have wrenched her knee. She spent the last week of November on Metacam, but seems to have come right. Well, as right as the poor wonky-legged girl ever gets.

Vivien at 13 weeksSummer at 13 weeks Adelaide, March 2014


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