Eggs for Jeannie

November 21, 2014 § Leave a comment

Jeannie, burrowing inWe’ve been waiting for Poppy to go broody again, ever since she hatched out her Poppettes last year. But it’s starting to look as if she might have (finally, and justifiably) decided that this whole laying and brooding malarkey is something she doesn’t need to do any more. You can’t blame her – over the course of her seven years, she has hatched and raised 45 chicks in six clutches. Pretty impressive! So while we really hope she does come back into lay for at least a few more precious eggs, she has well and truly earned her retirement. But … that leaves us without our super-reliable broody.

Enter Jeannie, a.k.a. The-Apple-Who-Falleth-Not-Far-From-The-Tree.

We did umm and ahh a bit about letting Jeannie brood. Being the only daughter from Poppy, she is very precious. And brooding does take it out of a hen. (Plus we’re still a bit gun-shy after Mirri’s death.) But then again, Poppy herself started brooding at almost exactly the same as Jeannie is now. And the weather should be a lot kinder than it was for Poppy’s first go.

Anyhow, we installed Jeannie in the broody coop a week ago, to be absolutely certain she was going to stay fixed. The signs are very good so far. We got eggs from Fionna Appleton again – half a dozen Rhode Island Red and half a dozen Barred Rock, of which we picked the best looking four from each – and four Charlotte x Patrick eggs (picking the best 4 from a possible 8) for a total of a dozen to incubate. We put them under her on Thursday afternoon (19/11/14), and will do a first candling next week.

Fingers crossed!


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