Laying summary – October 2014

November 4, 2014 § Leave a comment

From drought to flood, as is so often the way:

Eggs Oct 2014

This month was a tie between Summer and Vivien, a tad down from last month but with a still quite impressive 28 eggs each. And once again Rain was in third place, with 26 eggs. Hooray for the sisters!

Because the productivity of our girls deserves to be celebrated, here are the month’s other layers, in order:

  • Jeannie – 24
  • Holly, Olivia and Kali – 21
  • Remy – 20
  • Freya – 19
  • Adelaide, Charlotte and May – 18
  • Imogen – 17
  • Gabby and Saffy – 16
  • Ella and Poppy – 1

So there you go. A bit of a sudden drop-off, but a frankly magnificent effort collectively.
Massive quantities of custard, meringue, sponge cake and soufflé, anyone?

Summer at 13 weeks Vivien at 13 weeks Rain at 13 weeks


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