Drama with Dorothy

July 16, 2014 § Leave a comment

Dorothy, 5 July 2013Lordy me. Dorothy has been giving us a real scare.

Yesterday I found a huge wound on her side. We’re talking a couple of inches diameter, and really nastily infected. And I found it by putting my hand on it and feeling the ooze – with all her fluffy feathers, it was totally hidden. We took her in to the vets last night, and they operated on her this morning. Apparently the wound was essentially a long pocket that ran forward along her ribcage, filled with pus and infected tissue. Miraculously she managed to not hit anything vital, and they were able to debride it and sew her up again. So she’ll be inside for a good week or so, and then we’ll have to think about whether we put her back with Stan or not. (Adelaide is on cockerel-minding duty at the moment. Not thrilled about it either, but coping.)

At first we were worried that maybe Stan had done it to her, but his spurs are pretty short and blunt, and it’s not really the right location. We think she must have done it a month, possibly even six weeks ago, when she decided to go awol over the fence at bedtime, and scrambled up into a heap of prunings for the night – Stewart saw her by accident when he went to shut everyone in, and retrieved her. Presumably she must have staked herself on something then. Silly girl!

Well it’d hardly be winter without chook dramas, would it?


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