Laying Summary – February 2014

March 4, 2014 § Leave a comment

Autumn is here, and feathers are starting to drift ground-wards. Imogen is in full moult, and there are more and more multi-coloured collection of feathers in the houses in the morning. Egg production is definitely slowing. Chart please:

Eggs Feb 2014

It’s looking pretty sparse, isn’t it? Only the one egg from Imogen before she started her moult, and nothing from Adelaide, who went broody at the beginning of the month and is sitting on eggs. (Due tomorrow!) Still nothing from Erica or Dorothy, and Claire has resumed her non-laying, gender-bending status. And Poppy is excused, by virtue of motherhood.

Ella managed 4 intact eggs, (mashed about the same number – sigh!). We had a scare with Lily earlier on in the month – she just seemed off colour, and didn’t eat anything for about 48 hours. We took her in to see Aunty Pauline, who thought it could be related to a very large egg that was on the way. She laid the egg that afternoon, and has seemed fine since, although she did take two weeks off laying. But she has managed 9 eggs for the month.

Which brings us to the top four. In fourth place was Saffie, with 15 eggs. Third went to Gabrielle with 16, and second to Holly with 19 eggs for the month. But the winner, the best layer for February 2014 is Charlotte, with 20 eggs! Yay Charlotte!

Not looking forward to when she and Saffie decide to moult …

Charlotte, 13 Nov 2013 Holly, 13 November 2013 Gabrielle, 18th August 2011

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