The Rhodie Poppettes and their Parents

January 26, 2014 § Leave a comment

I thought it might be interesting to compare photos of the Poppettes with photos of their parents at a similar age. (Yes, I know the bubs turn four weeks old today; I took these photos last week but haven’t gotten around to posting until just now.) Let’s start with Poppy and her brother, Buster, alongside photos of Poppy’s own children, and Lola (their dad):

Buster at three weeks StanleyJulianIndigo Lola at 15 days

Poppy at three weeks  Jeannie
L to R: Buster, Stanley, Julian, Indigo, Lola; next row Poppy, Jeannie. (NB: photo of Lola is from 15 days old – for various reasons, we didn’t end up getting many photos of him as a youngster. But that one is pretty darn cute, you must admit!)

First thing that strikes me is how non-female Poppy looks as a bub. It’s really only is you get close and compare Buster’s comb (R) with hers (L):

Poppy comb at three weeks Buster comb at three weeks

So if we have a quick look at the combs of Stanley, Julian, Indigo, and Jeannie:

Stanley comb at three weeks Julian comb at three weeks Indigo comb at three weeks Jeannie comb at three weeks

we can see that Jeannie looks about the same as Poppy at that age, but all three of the others look bigger than Buster! (Variability of camera angle makes it a bit hard, sorry.) But size isn’t everything – it’s about how fine or coarse the serrations are. And you can see that Buster’s are fairly coarse, as are Stanley’s. Jeannie and Poppy are quite fine by comparison. And although it’s a bit hard to see in this photo, Julian’s are also a bit on the coarse side, whereas Indigo’s are a bit finer. But we’re talking some pretty minor differences with this pair, so I’m still not sure at all.

If we throw the Red Nutter chicks from the Horde into the mix, we get this:

Kim comb at three weeksOlly comb at three weeksSasha comb at three weeks Erica comb at three weeks

L to R: Kim ♂, Olly ♂, Sasha ♀, Erica ♀.

Apart from noting the differences in colour, the things that leaps out most strongly to me is that Erica and Sasha have such fine, fine combs, that I’m thoroughly ashamed of how long I called poor Miss Noodle “Eric”! (And also that Olly didn’t actually look that male … why did I not think I had three girls?)

Of course, none of this helps with determining the gender of Poppy’s four children. I think I’m pretty safe saying the Stanley is a boy and Jeannie a girl, but Indigo and Julian could still go either way. Probably three boys, but then again …


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