Layer of the Year 2013

January 8, 2014 § Leave a comment

2013 is a year that we will not miss. But we will not dwell on the bad things: instead, lets look at the daily miracle that is The Laying of Eggs, and the announcement of Layer of the Year (a.k.a. The Golden Cloaca) for 2013.

Lets start with a recap of the various Layers of the Month for this year.

Golden EggJanuary was taken out by Erica and Olivia, with 22 eggs each, but
February went to Adelaide with 20 eggs. Then we moved into the leaner months:
March to Poppy with 15,
April to Adelaide with 18, as was
May (Adelaide, 18 again).
June saw the pullets starting to lay properly, and was taken out by Saffy with 14 eggs.
July was a tie between Holly and Charlotte, with 22 eggs each, then
August saw Saffy leap back into the lead with 25.
September was Mirri’s month, winning with 25 eggs (a popular winning total, it seems), being repeated in
October by both Mirri and Olivia, who tied for first place.
November was another tie, this time between Adelaide and Charlotte, with 22 eggs each. But
December belonged to Charlotte alone, with 23 eggs.

So that makes one win to Erica, two to Olivia, four to Adelaide, one to Poppy, two to Saffy, one to Holly, three to Charlotte, and two to Mirri. (You can find out who took out second and third places each month – often only one egg behind the winner – by clicking on the monthly links.) Eight hens in total. In age terms, that works out at our sixteen monthly wins (four months were tied) being claimed once by a six-year old, twice by four-year-olds, six times by two-year-olds, and seven times by pullets. (The pullet score is more impressive if you remind yourself that they only started laying in June/July) …

Ok, without further ado, the totals for each hen for the Ghastly Year, 2013:

Hen Number of eggs Average weight Total egg weight
Ella 14 77 g 1079 g
Lily 77 61 g 4672 g
Poppy 76 62 g 4699 g
Claire 1 59 g 59 g
Neroli 16 61 g 985 g
Gabrielle 123 62 g 7674 g
Erica 45 56 g 2542 g
Holly 141 64 g 9061 g
Imogen 125 64 g 7973 g
Olivia 166 69 g 11444 g
Adelaide 171 61 g 10448 g
Dorothy 80 71 g 5671 g
Charlotte 147 58 g 8584 g
Saffy 144 56 g 8002 g
Mirri 91 56 g 5096 g

And the winner is … the Ghost who Squawks, Adelaide! All the more impressive if you remember that she was so very sick through winter. So there was plenty of drama, just not with the laying aspect of her life. Well done that mad hen!Adelaide, the 2013 Golden Cloaca

Second place went to the Ginger Pudding, Miss Olivia. A mere six eggs behind in total, but almost a kilogram greater in terms of weight laid. (And indeed, an Olivia egg is a magnificently round and voluptuous thing. Much like Herself.) Third place was claimed by Charlotte, who gave the others a six month head start, and only finished two dozen eggs behind Adelaide. Saffy would have been ahead of her sister, except for her recent habit of laying thin-shelled eggs, which get broken by Ella on a regular basis. But them’s the breaks. (Sorry, couldn’t resist.)

Well done to all our girls. Despite everything, this is the first year for quite a while that we’ve had an egg from every hen, even if only just. But the biggest applause – and a special mealworm-and-scrambled-egg-mash-cake – to our winner, Miss Adelaide. Hooray!

Olivia, 13 November 2013 Charlotte, 5 July 2013


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