Laying Summary – December 2013

January 5, 2014 § Leave a comment

As the days get longer and the temperatre rises, the laying starts to tail off. None the less, the girls ave, taken collectively, been laying well. How well? I’m glad you asked. Because it’s that time again – the Layer of the Month for December 2013. Chart please …

Eggs Dec 2013

As you can see, we have a distinct skewing towards the younger end of the graph. Which is as it should be! And the winner for this month is Charlotte, with a very respectable 23 eggs. Yay Charlotte! Tied for second were Adelaide and Saffy, with 20 eggs each. (Saffy was actually a few eggs better than that, but Ella managed to mash quite a few of them.) Further down the list we had Olivia (17), Imogen (16), Holly and Gabby (15 each), Lily (12), Poppy (3), and Ella (2). On nul points for the month were Dorothy, Erica and Claire. All of who still make the occasional visit to the nestboxes, just to mess with us.

Charlotte, 13 Nov 2013 Adelaide, 13 Nov 2013 Saffy, 13 November 2013

Well done to Charlotte, Saffy and Adelaide. But the question remains: who will take out the coveted Golden Cloaca Award for the year 2013? One of the pullets? One of the older girls? A monthly winner, or someone who has been laying away quietly in the background?
You’ll just have to tune in again to find out …

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