Laying Summary – November 2013

December 3, 2013 § Leave a comment

And here, after the epic that was the previous post, is a nice short Monthly Laying Summary!

Eggs Nov 2013

No, your eyes do not deceive you – there was an egg from Claire. At least, we think it must be her. It was laid in the Bach house where she was penned with Olivia and Adelaide, both of whom had laid their eggs for that day already. And it was the right colour for Claire. Added to that, the reason why she was penned with those two is that Lola has decided to attack her. He’s not treating her with the aggression he shows Patrick (or showed Sebastian), but he does go after her and jump on her. He’s not trying to mount her, so it isn’t that she’s suddenly started oozing femininity. But something seems to have changed. And if there was a little hormonal surge, that could explain what’s going on.

Ella continues to mash almost as many eggs as she lays, but does none-the-less continue to lay. All of which makes Dorothy and Erica’s absence from the laying list particularly noticeable. Oh well, they seem perfectly happy in every other respect. And Erica sometimes goes and sits in a nestbox for  bit. (“Do I want to lay an egg? Hmm … dunno. Hmm … nup. Not today.”)

But our winners for the month are … Charlotte and Adelaide, with 22 eggs each! Hooray! (Charlotte actually laid one more egg than that, but mashed it extremely thoroughly into her chest, her feet, her face, the nest … you get the picture.) (It was yellow.) In very impressive second/third place (and still not going broody) is Poppy with 20! Then we had Saffy with 18, Imogen with 17, Gabby with 15, Lily, Holly and Olivia with 14, Ella with her 4, then Claire and Mirri with 1 each.

As you can see, the hotter weather is starting to slow things down. Which leaves two questions: when will someone go broody (and who will it be – Poppy? Lily? Imogen? Adelaide?), and who will start moulting first?

Charlotte, 13 Nov 2013 Adelaide, 13 Nov 2013 Poppy, 13 Nov 2013


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