Laying Summary – August 2013

September 13, 2013 § Leave a comment

Yet another fairly tempestuous month. Too much drama and heartache and frustration to go into here, so we’ll keep this fairly short. Chart please:

Eggs July 2013

August saw the return of Poppy to the lay, which is good to see. She gave us plenty of warning, with a good week of thumping before she finally popped out the first one. And our darling Neroli also managed to lay once this month before she died. Dorothy seems to be taking  bit of a break, although there’s nothing much wrong with 14 eggs. And Adelaide is still living inside and being medicated (well, she’s finished now, but was still sharing Lola’s through August), so her slight dip is understandable. No sign of Erica laying though, which s puzzling. Oh well, she seems fine otherwise, and we’re not exactly running low on eggs.

And once again our winner is Miss Saffy, with a frankly impressive 25 eggs. And it may have been slightly better than that in reality – she’s started laying slightly thin-shelled eggs, and there have been a couple of in-nest mashings (which we note as ‘b.i.n., or ‘broken in nest’). But well done anyhow! And there was a three-way tie for second place, with Charlotte, Mirri and Olivia all laying 23 eggs. Yay girls!

Saffy, 5 June 2013 Charlotte, 5 July 2013 Mirri, 5 July 2013 Olivia, 5th July 2013


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