Laying Summary – July 2013

August 6, 2013 § Leave a comment

It’s been a frenetic month, what with vet dramas, bopping Sebastian and a positive eggvalanche from the girls. Chart please!

Eggs July 2013

As you can see, nearly everyone is back in the swing of laying. In fact the only hens not laying are three of our four oldest girls – Ella, Claire and Poppy – and Miss Erica, who seems to be having a partial moult. (And given that Lily – our fourth of the oldest girls – only laid one egg this month, I think we can put a lot of that down to age.) It’s also worth mentioning that July was somewhat warmer than usual, but we still had a lot of days when the sun didn’t appear from behind the murk. So the girls were doing it on minimal sunlight.

We had a tie for first place, with both Holly and Charlotte laying 22 eggs. Second (or third, if we’re being picky), and only one egg behind, was Saffy with 21 eggs. Imogen and Olivia managed 19 eggs each, and rounding out our list of “laid eggs on more days than they didn’t” girls was Dorothy with 18, and Mirri with a thoroughly respectable 17.

164 eggs in 31 days.
We may need a bigger fridge …

Charlotte, 5 July 2013 Holly, not ready for her close-up, 5 July 2013 Saffy, 5 June 2013 Olivia, 5th July 2013 Galline Overlord Imogen, 5 July 2013


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