And Lola makes two

July 19, 2013 § Leave a comment

Lola, 5 July 2013Bugger. Ever since the weekend, when Adelaide came down with her respiratory thing, I’ve made a point of listening to everyone’s breathing when I shut them in at night. (Or when I’m out with them, although that’s less easy to tell.) Respiratory infections tend to be horribly contagious, and we have a big flock these days.

Last night I thought there seemed to be a bit of noise from Lola, but then he’s a bit Darth Vader-sounding anyway . Somewhat stertorous. (Is it a rooster thing?) This morning it was more definite, although he seems otherwise perfectly fine. (No interference with his sex drive whatsoever …) I couldn’t take him in to the vets, as I was carless. But fortunately they know me well enough to be willing to dispense medication after a phone consult, so Stewart brought the drugs home with him. (Which sounds so much more edgy and interesting than it is …)Lola, 5 July 2013

Anyhow, Lola’s on the same meds as Adelaide – a ten day course of Baytril. But his tablets are stonkingly huge, and have to be cut into thirds … who’da thought knife skills would be such a big part of chicken husbandry?! Or wrestling, for that matter? (There’s a lot of rooster, with quite a lot of comb, wattle and beak to manage if I have to force-feed him the tablets every time …)


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