Adelaide visits the vet

July 17, 2013 § Leave a comment

Adelaide, consoling the monkey, 5 July 2013I thought things had been quite for too long. On Sunday afternoon we found Adelaide with a quite bad (and sudden) respiratory infection. She sounded like someone having a bad asthma attack – loud wheezing on every in-breath, loud enough to hear from several metres away. She seemed perfectly fine within herself – scritching, running around, active and seemingly unaware of anything being wrong. So we brought her inside and put her in the small cage in the spare room overnight, with a heater keeping the temperature comfortable for lungs.

While cleaning her overnight-emmissions, I noticed a swelling between two of her toes. I thought it might be a mud ball, like Claire gets, (the weather has been horrendous) but when she stopped waving her foot around my face I could see a nasty lesion on the soles of both feet – joy oh joy, bumblefoot.

Anyhow, I took her in to see Aunty Susan ( Susan Shannon), who confirmed both diagnoses. The respiratory infection is the most immediately life-threatening, so she’s on Baytril for ten days, with five days spent inside. Hopefully it will treat the bumblefoot as well. If not, we’ll switch to something else when the respiratory infection is dealt with. Or look at surgical intervention, if that seems needed. (The weird thing is that she isn’t lame, or showing any signs whatsoever of her feet being sore. She doesn’t like them being handled, but the reaction is to the handling, not pressure on the foot.) If she hasn’t improved by Saturday, I’m to bring her back in. Otherwise we have a return visit booked for next Wednesday.

So she’s in the big cage, on the sewing table in the spare room. She seems fine – alert, active, very good appetite – but is going mental with boredom. I gave her an apple to attack yesterday, and it lasted about half an hour. Carrot doesn’t seem to do the trick either.  I’m going to have t resort to swede. And did I mention that she’s back in lay now? Yep. Laid the first egg, in the cage, on Monday night. Sigh!


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