Laying summary – May 2013

June 4, 2013 § Leave a comment

Laying summary – May 2013

And now we are properly into the month of Egg Poverty. Our three pullets are still not yet laying, and one of our two who had come back in to lay has gone back out in moult. But who? Chart please:

Eggs May 2013

Yep, our sole contributor in the egg department is Miss Adelaide, who has continued her favourite number and laid 18 eggs for the month ( as she did in April this year and November last year). Imogen seems to have decided that she didn’t moult properly the first time around, and has had a second go at it. Poor girl.

One thing that has become an issue is feather lice. Never had much of a problem with them before, although Poppy has had them once. But we’ve found quite a lot of lice on the girls this month, so have had to try and dust them with louse powder. It’s not a terribly pleasant thing – rotenone and sulphur, in a shaker-pack that invariably dumps a barrow-load onto the head of the bird you are attempting to ‘lightly dust’. And because the lice eggs (nits) are pretty impervious to treatment until after they hatch, you have to repeat the dose a couple of times, a week or so apart. Because the lice feed on the feathers and not on the blood of the bird, systemic things like Ivomec are no help. And apparently the lice that you find on their head are different to the lice that live in the feathers on their body. And because they are carried by wild birds, you have no chance of completely eradicating them. I’d put louse powder in their dustbath, if not for the fact that they seem to spend as much time eating it as they do batheing in it. Never mind, I’m getting quite good at the dump-and-scriffle technique.

Adelaide, Autumn 2013

What, it’s all down to me?

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