Sad news – Esme

April 29, 2013 § Leave a comment

Esme in profile,  July 2008Some very sad news – Esme (aka ‘Madam Cholet’) was found dead in her run this evening. No apparent cause, and she hadn’t seemed unwell. At least it was quick, whatever it was. Small comfort, I know.

It means that Lily is the last chance we have to continue Liselle’s bloodlines (unless Neroli spontaneously returns to laying eggs with shells). Not easy, given her age. Nicola and I had discussed the possibility of trying to breed from the two sisters together here, which is one of the reasons why we’ve kept Sebastian. Lily and Esme are still the two most beautiful and correct Dorking hens I’ve come across. So from a simple genetic point of view, this really is a tragedy.

But most of all it’s tragic because Esme was Esme. I quite looked forward to seeing her every Christmas. (Which is why we gave her and Gytha/Jenny to them in the first place.)

Our hearts go out to Nicola and Kevin. I know how much they loved her. We did too. Darling girl.


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