Laying Summary – January 2013

February 4, 2013 § Leave a comment

Dear lord, we have had waaaaay too much drama lately. But one thing remains as a bastion of sanity amid the chaos: being late to post monthly egg summaries.

Eggs Jan 2013

Ahem. Without further faff, I present to you the first laying summary for the new year. Chart please!

As you can see, Adelaide, Imogen, Lily and Holly have all dropped off the stats a bit. This is because they have been broody. At one point, all of the first three mentioned were attempting to stay put in the nestboxes, growling like maniacs and fluffing themselves up into demented puffballs. We let it go on too long really, but eventually resorted to banishment to the small end of the run for Imogen and Adelaide (with the pop-hole shut), and to the broody coop (house door shut) for Lily. It took a wee while, but did work. One unforeseen consequence is that Claire has regained top spot – apparently broody aggression is all show, and Claire was able to take advantage of Imogen’s distraction. And so did Ella, come to think of it. Never mind, the flock dynamic does at least seem stable.

Top spot in the laying stakes for this month is a tie between Erica and Olivia, with 22 eggs each. Hooray! And third spot to Madam Dorothy with a quite respectable 19 eggs. Yay!

Erica, summer 2012/13.jpgOlivia, Nov 2012

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