Laying Summary – October, November, & December 2012

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And once again life has gotten in the way of regular posting. Apologies. We’ve had a fairly turbulent few months. But enough of that – on with the laying summaries!

October 2012

Eggs Oct 12

As you can see, production was pretty good in October. The bubs were all laying well, and Poppy and Lily not exactly embarrassing themselves either. The best layer for October was pretty clear – Dorothy, with a very impressive 27 eggs, which included 17 days in a row. A total weight of 1.725 kg of eggs! Well done Dorothy.

Second place went to Adelaide, with 25 eggs, and third was shared between Olivia and Erica, both laying 23 eggs for the month of October.

Worth noting Poppy’s tally – in typical Poppy fashion, she had a good streak of laying (19 eggs in August, 20 in September, then 21 in October) and then went broody again.

November 2012

Eggs Nov 12

Once again, the monthly laying chart is dominated by the pullets. Which is as it should be! At 6 years old, Ella is still managing to lay the odd egg, although many more (ten this month) get mushed into the nesting material. (Sigh!) But once again, it is Miss Dorothy who takes out Layer of the Month, with 24 eggs. The other three pullets (I have to remind myself that Imogen is also still a pullet!) were off the pace a little, with 19 (Imogen) and 18 (Olivia and Adelaide) eggs each. Worth reminding ourselves that Dorothy, Adelaide and Olivia are only 8 months old (hatched on March 1st), and Imogen only turned 1 this month.

Second and third places for this month went to our slightly more senior girls – Erica was second with 23 eggs, and Gabrielle third with 21. (Holly only just behind, with 20 eggs.) Hooray!

December 2012

Eggs Dec 12

And finally, the December tally. Once again, the Layer of the Month is Miss Dorothy, with 26 eggs. And after a dip last month, her siblings have leaped in to join her in the winners’ circle – Adelaide seocond with 24 eggs, and Olivia third with 23. In equal forth were Erica and (proving age doesn’t necessarily slow her down) Miss Lily, with a very respectable 20 eggs each.

Dorothy, June 2012 Adelaide, December 2012 Olivia, Nov 2012 Erica and Gabrielle, Feb 2013 Holly, experiencing Doubt, July 2011 sf Ella 27062009 Poppy on the nest, Nov 2012 Lily inside, Nov 2012


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