Update – Poppy’s eggs and Lily’s leg

November 23, 2012 § Leave a comment

Today is Day 21, and Poppy’s eggs have started pipping! She’s doing her best “I’ve been boned and am suction-clamped down on top of my eggs go away go away” routine, but one Dorking egg and two others (one of which I think is TL3 – oh the irony) have started breaking through the shell, and I can hear them peeping. (So exciting!) And Stewart is off collecting the meat chicks as I type. (Exciting!) The brooder has been set up in the laundry, the heat-lamp tested, everything clean and fresh and ready to go. (I’d add a photo, but I managed to pack away the camera cable when I packed up the office …)

Lily is still alos in the laundry, and still pretty lame. I’ve set up the hospital cage with the divider across to give her a dark, private little cave for her to go lay her egg in. (She’s bitching right now, alternating between plaintive little warbles and loud, cranky scrarking.) The laundry bench is U-shaped, so Lily’s cage is at 90˚ to the brooder box, and unfortunately has quite a bit of its light blocked. Which may be part of the reason why Lily is acting broody … yep, she’s got her nest-egg, which she pursues around the cage, wherever I move it to; she’s started pulling feathers out of her breast; and she’s spending long periods of time in a broody-like trance.

It will be very interesting to see how she reacts to having the eight meat chicks in the brooder beside her!


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