Poppy’s eggs and Lily’s leg

November 19, 2012 § Leave a comment

Oeufs002bLordy. It’s been a fraught couple of days. Let’s start with an update on Poppy’s eggs, as that’s good news.

We candled the eggs yesterday for the second time. They all look to be developing properly, although I’m a little concerned the DK4 may not be quite as developed as the others. It definitely has grown, but the dark mass in that one seemed less than in the other Dorking eggs. But I couldn’t see any sign that the embryo had died, so we’ll leave it in there and just keep an eye on it.

Then this evening we moved Poppy and the broody coop back up to the lawn near the house. The girls will be shifted into the orchard very soon, and we want Poppy’s bubs to have good clean grass under them, and less disturbance from the other hens coming and peering in the broody door.

Now the drama. On Saturday evening, Stewart found Lily unable to put weight on her left leg.
Oh god, not again.

It was too late to take her in to the vet, so we installed her in the cat cage and gave her some metacam (pain relief/ anti-inflamatory). We couldn’t feel a break anywhere, and she was willing to put the leg down and put some weight on it. And she could walk, just not well or easily. Anyway, all we could do was keep her still and quiet, and take her in to see Auntie Pauline as soon as possible.

So this morning I was on the phone to the vets as soon as they opened, and dropped her off first thing, to be examined whenever Pauline could do so. I went back home to wait for the phone call. (And to pack up the lounge room – did I mention that the EQC repairs have started? Because we need more stress, obviously.)

The news is largely good – there are no broken bones, and her X-rays look good. So Pauline thinks it’s likely to be muscle trauma or some other sort of inflammation of the nerves high up in her leg. Complicated by a touch of bumble-foot, (which surprises me). She’s on cage rest (“complete rest on towels”) for at least the next two days, with metacam and synermox. And I’m to phone back with a progress report in five days.

After what happened with Sasha, I’ve developed a superstitious dread of having any of the girls inside for long, so I’m really hoping she gets better quickly. Plus there’s the noise factor – she’s in lay, and Lily is really really loud when laying. The bitching and scraking starts a good hour before anything happens. It’s painful to hear. Not just loud, but quite plaintive too. I did warn the vets about her vocalising. When we came to collect her we could hear her from the foyer. Poor Lily. She makes her displeasure known.

This will be a very long five days …


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