2012 eggs for Poppy – the first candling

November 12, 2012 § Leave a comment

We candled the eggs for the first time yesterday (day nine) – neither of the two buff-laced wyandottes had developed, which is a pity. Made worse by the fact that our one blue-laced wyandotte egg got broken on day three or four – the shell (or what was left of it when I discovered the mishap) was a bit thin, but I’m still surprised. Poppy is quite careful with her eggs, so I don’t think it was carelessness or clumsiness. Maybe having sixteen eggs under her was just a bit too many? (Although she successfully covered that many eggs when she hatched the Horde.) And we also lost one of the two Too Late Rhode Island Red eggs, TL4 – again, a breakage. But that shell definitely was thin. Oh well.

As of Day Ten, Poppy still has five Dorking, two Langshan, and five Rhodie eggs which are progressing nicely. Fingers crossed!


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