Laying summary – September 2012

October 5, 2012 § Leave a comment

Spring has sprung, the grass is going like a rocket, the blackbirds are nesting all over the place and the world is bursting into blossom. And we are still waiting for someone to go broody. (I thought these old breeds were supposed to be impossible to stop?!) Never mind, we are in serious egg plenitude, and for that are very grateful to our girls. Chart time!

Isn’t it pretty? Very spring-like.

Once again we have a new winner – Adelaide, with a magnificent 26 eggs for the month. When she doesn’t have her head in my armpit, she’s either in the nestbox or eating. Her eggs are quite small still, averaging only 49 grams. And they all have a strange little patch of slightly tan pigmentation on the blunt end – looks a bit like a fontanelle. But well done to our little girl. She laid every day from August 25th to September 7th, took the 8th off, then laid from September 9th to the 26th, took the 27th off, then laid on the 28th, and spoilt her streak by taking the 29th off. But any way you look at it, that’s pretty impressive for a girl who only hatched on March 1st.

We had a tie for second place between Olivia and Holly, both on 23 eggs. Next were Imogen and Dorothy (warming into her laying) on 21 eggs each, and then our two Red Nutters, Poppy and Erica with 20 eggs each for the month. Between them, our girls laid 191 eggs in September. Blimey! No wonder we have no room in our fridge!


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