Bopping the Septet Boys

July 16, 2012 § Leave a comment

We bopped the Septet boys yesterday. (If you need to remind yourself why it is that we feel good about killing chickens that we’ve raisied, named and got to know, please read Walking the Walk, and have a look at the 39 Day Blog about commercially raised meat chickens.) It was definitely time – Boof had attempted to ravish his mother a fortnight ago (which did not go well for him), and both he and Chris were starting to get a bit stroppy with me. They were well over bopping-weight threshold, so as soon as we had a decent weekend forecast, we did the deed.

The first weight is the estimated live weight. (Usually we weigh them the day before – this time, we weighed them a week before, and extrapolated based on growth rates and dead weight.) The second weight was post-axe, the third post-plucking, and the final weight is dressed and ready for the fridge. The ‘dressing-out percentage’ is how much meat a live bird turns into once you’ve finished preparing him for the freezer, as a proportion of their original live weight.

live (est.) headless plucked dressed percentage
Boof 3.18 kg 2.73 kg 2.39 kg  2.03 kg  64%
Billy 3.01 kg 2.65 kg  2.38 kg  1.81 kg  60%
Chris 2.72 kg 2.31 kg  2.07 kg  1.69 kg  62%
Jules 2.91 kg  2.55 kg  2.26 kg 1.80 kg  62%

One thing we noticed was how tough Boof and Chris’s skin was in comparison to the other two. Jointing them was considerably more difficult. But all four dressed out well, and will no doubt give us a great deal of pleasure over the coming months.

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