Neroli visits the vet

July 15, 2012 § Leave a comment

I’d been a bit worried that Neroli hadn’t returned to the lay yet – she was the first to start moulting (way back in January!), and had been looking in fine fettle since before winter. Last year she started up again in late May, so as the months ticked by, I kept wondering if there was something going on.

On Monday afternoon (9/7/12) I found her looking quite distressed, with what looked like egg-binding. We got her inside and gave her a gentle examination, but couldn’t feel anything obstructed. The vets were crazy busy, so we did a brief phone consult and decided to give her some antibiotics, keep her inside in the warm overnight and take her to see Susan first thing in the morning.

While we were trying to get her to swallow the antibiotic, she forced out her egg.

We were both relieved, but a bit embarrassed that we’d managed to not feel the egg. It wasn’t huge, but the shell was really chalky and odd, and she passed a bit more membrane and albumen afterwards, so we think it may have been ‘blocking the works’ (so to speak) for a wee while.

When we took her in to Susan the next morning, Neroli was still not looking comfortable, and her crop had stayed full and hard overnight. Oh yay, crop impaction on top of everything else. Susan had a good look and a good feel of Neroli’s abdomen, and reckoned there wasn’t another egg in there to worry about. The weather has been so grey and dreary that she thought part of the problem might be lack of vitamin D leading to issues with calcium metabolism – both crop and oviduct are affected by calcium problems, and it could have been an issue with either causing issues with the other. So Neroli got a calcium injection and was sent home to spend more time inside being dosed with apple sauce three times a day.
It took quite a while, but by Friday morning her crop was back down to empty, and we returned her to the flock yesterday. Heaven only knows when she’ll start laying again – this will have mucked the poor thing’s system up pretty badly.


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