Poppy and the Septet Girls move into the Chateau

July 6, 2012 § Leave a comment

We shifted Poppy, Dorothy, Olivia and Adelaide into the small end of The Chateau today (the bit that Davy and Imogen were in), to begin the process of integrating them into the main flock. As expected, there was quite a bit of hand-bagging through the wire between Poppy and the others, especially Lily and Neroli. Adelaide has also done a bit of hackling at Katie, but Olivia and Dorothy seem more curious than anything else.

Bedtime was a little awkward, as the four of them are reasonably large girls, and have to sleep two to a perch with only the wire between them and the main flock, so there was a certain amount of physical readjustment needed (i.e. me reaching through and sliding two of them across a bit so the others could fit on the perch beside them). But at least the concept of climbing a ladder and going to bed on a low perch in a high place is something they’re all used to from the Combine.

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