Laying summary – April 2012

May 10, 2012 § Leave a comment

Lordy, we are in serious egg depletion!

We have ONE – count it, ONE – hen laying. As she’s a pullet.

What you can’t see in the chart is the weight of the eggs. The first egg she laid for this month was the smallest laid by any of our girls, ever. It was seriously tiny – 18g!! It was smaller than a quail egg! (Only just, but it was.) We were certain it would be a fart egg, but no, there was a teeny weeny yolk in there too. And, given that Davy is now ravishing her on a regular basis, it could even have been a fertile one!

It’s not been a bad start – twelve eggs for her first full month of laying, with the days getting very cold and daylight winding down. Unfortunately her biggest egg so far has only been 40g, so we’ve been forced (I can hardly bring myself to type it) to … buy eggs.

Never the less, she is the top layer for the month, and we aren’t so blasé about the miracle of laying that we don’t have a wow-response, even for teeny weeny eggs. (Which have their own special charm, frankly.) So well done Imogen! Hooray!


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