Introducing the girls (and boy) to The Chateau

April 15, 2012 § Leave a comment

We’ve finally moved everyone (except for Poppy and her bubs) across to the new, magnificent house in the orchard – The Chateau!

It’s the culmination of everything we’ve learnt from the various houses we’ve had in the past, with a few new (and very nifty) additions. The most relevant one right now is the Divider – as you can see, it’s a removable mesh panel that slots in to place over the perches, dividing the house into two (very unequal) parts. There’s a corresponding panel which divides the run underneath the house. The idea is to make re/introductions easier – the chooks are within seeing, smelling and hearing distance of each other, but can’t actually attack each other. It should allow the process of introducing a new bird to the flock to be a lot less stressful. There will be plenty of threats and displays, I’m sure. But eventually they’ll either get tired of it, or decide that Chook X looks too scary so they’ll show submission when they do finally get to within attacking distance.

We’ve moved Imogen and Davy into the short end, and the main flock (who are moulting, and looking unbelievably moth-eaten) into the long. No dramas with going to bed last night – Imogen and Davy have been living in the combine, and all of the others have lived either in the Combine or the Loft-Style Apartment, so the idea of climbing up a ramp to go to bed is something they’re quite familiar with. Maybe in a month (or however long it takes for a/ the hens to grow their feathers back, and b/ for the aggro through the mesh to dissipate) we’ll try to combine the two groups, and take the divider down. But there’s no rush.

And this afternoon it got the official Seal of Approval, when Imogen christened it with the first egg! (35g. Awwwwww!)


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