Lily’s turn for the Crop of Doom

April 5, 2012 § Leave a comment

Ok, obviously Miss Lily is feeling neglected.

After her egg incident last month, she’s been just getting on with her moult, and been pretty much her normal self (well, normal for a moulting hen). But then on Tuesday afternoon, when I went out to give the girls their evening grain, I noticed Lily doing the “oops, umm, I’ve overfilled my crop” weird craning movement. (One day I’ll have to film it. It ’d be a YouTube sensation, I’m certain.)

And boy, had she. It was ping-pong-ball size, and quite firm. And this was before she’d gotten to any grain. Sigh!

Back inside, into the cage in the laundry. And out with the crop needle, the 60 mL syringe, the stick-blender, the cider vinegar and a jar of bottled apple pieces. Having been through it before with Poppy and Ella, I was more frustrated than worried. It was still possible to move the mass around (unlike Poppy and Ella’s episodes), so I was hopeful that plenty of apple puree and crop massage would do the trick. But poor Lily – no food other than cooked apple for as long as it took …

Anyhow, I managed to get things quite a lot softer by bedtime Tuesday night.
Wednesday morning was better, but still not empty. So she got three sessions of apple and massage over the course of the day, and by Wednesday night had a lovely soft squishy crop.

And then this morning her crop was completely empty. Hoorray!

I put her back with the others at lunchtime, having given her a nice feed of quite wet mash first , so she wouldn’t feel the need to go and gorge on pellets. I didn’t give them any grain tonight (they’ll survive). Tomorrow they can have mash without carrot (they’ll survive), and no grain again (ditto), then we’ll give them only finely grated carrot in their mash for the next few days. I’ll keep checking Lily’s crop, but with those precautions she should be all right again. The blockage was treated immediately, so I don’t think there would have been time for things to get too putrid in her crop. We will see! Fingers crossed.


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