Laying summary – February 2012

March 5, 2012 § Leave a comment

Things have begun to slow in the laying-department. Let me show you what I mean:

Erica is still laying well, with 21 eggs for the month. Gabby came in second with 18 (again), and, proving that age is no barrier to laying prowess, Lily took third spot with 14 eggs.

Poppy is now happily mothering her second clutch for the season, and so laid no eggs beyond February 4th (which makes her Feb tally of four eggs pretty darn adequate).

Neroli had started moulting at the end of January, and is now looking as though someone has been practicing their dusting with her bottom.
Or possibly that she wandered too close to a really powerful vacuum cleaner.
Or a down-on-their-luck taxidermy class.

Katie is also starting to look a bit disheveled, so I suspect she may be about to wind up her pullet season early. (And given how rubbish this summer has been, you can hardly blame the girls for being deciduous when the trees have also started preparing for winter.)

The big surprise was the eleven eggs from Ella. Way to go! Last year she laid; moulted a bit; laid a few more; then ‘finished’ her moult by dropping mattress-loads of feathers over the course of about eight days. (Seriously, we’re talking more feathers that she looked like she had. Presumably she was mugging blackbirds for their feathers or something …)



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