Separating the Quartet

February 14, 2012 § Leave a comment

Yesterday we had to separate Robin and Ben from Imogen and Davy.

The two Dorking cockerels have been getting quite aggressive towards the other two. Actually Ben is the worst – very much the top of the pecking order, and very prone to chasing the others and giving them a pecking. Poor Robin is now quite neurotic, but still dishes it out to the other two. The testosterone running through them isn’t helping – Imogen is, not unnaturally, the subject of their attentions in an entirely new way. Anyway, it got to the point where Imogen was flying out over the top of two rows of netting (so 6 feet, at least) three or four times a day, and Davy spending equal amounts of time on the roof of the Combine, trying to stay away from them. Not good.

We’ve decided to keep Davy – he’s a lovely, gentle boy, and looks correct for his type. And having a rooster in the flock is supposed to make the hens a little less aggro to each other, which can only be an advantage. So getting the two to bop (Ben and Robin) and the two to keep (Imogen and Davy) used to being separate is a GoodThing. So yesterday I set up the bach nearby, with a yard between it and the Combine run, so they can still be in proximity. Hopefully Davy won’t start terrorizing Imogen on his own …


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