Sasha prolapse update

January 17, 2012 § Leave a comment

So far, so good.

We brought Sasha home last Thursday – Pauline kept her until then, delaying her departure on the family holiday to make sure she was good to go and we were ready to take over. (Actually she went even further than that – it was her wedding anniversary last week when she was taking Sasha home to maintain Sasha’s … um, reinsertion …) We’d all done a bit more reading around, and a suggestion that kept coming up was to try and trigger a broody spell in the affected hen. Makes perfect sense, if you think about it – you want the hen to be as still and quiet as possible, and ideally to not be laying, or even pooing much. Perfect! So she’s installed in the hospital cage in the laundry, with a big towel covering the top so it’s nice and dark. I have a big box of latex gloves, and two tubes of panalog ointment (apparently Preparation H or similar is also suitable!) I go out to check on her every hour or so (or whenever), and if the prolapse is showing I pull on a glove, smear my finger with panalog, wipe any poo I can see with a tissue, smear the prolapse with panalog, and gently push it back in. It’s useful to look at diagrams of a chicken’s digestive tract, because you don’t just push things in – it’s in and down. (And don’t say ‘too much information’ – this may be useful to you someday.) We give her bottom a wash every morning before Stewart goes to work (because it is much easier with one person doing the washing and the other person persuading the chicken not to fly /scratch/panic/crap everywhere), and a brief spell on the lawn once a day for a scritch break and vitamins D & K boost.

It took the best part of a week, but she is now finally staying un-prolapsed most of the time. And the damaged tissue is going – the last couple of wash-sessions we have made a point of very carefully tweezing away any loose or easily-removable damaged tissue (all that practice with Poppy’s mouth infection certainly helped teach us how to do it efficiently). (And ruthlessly.)

She’s not out of the woods yet, but things are looking hopeful.
Hooray! Yay Sasha!


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