Layer of the Year 2011

January 6, 2012 § Leave a comment

Yes, it’s time to announce who laid the most eggs over the course of the calendar year 2011. Will it be, as it should, one of the Horde pullets? Or has one of the older girls proven their staying power?
Drumroll please:

Hen Number of eggs Average weight Total egg weight
Bessie 18 56 1002
Ella 36 72  2580
Lily 123  60  7328
Poppy 76  62  4749
Claire 0  0 0
Neroli 146  56  8192
Katie  152  62  9459
Gabrielle  153 54  8261
Zsa Zsa  95  57  5424
Sasha 177 59 10,406
Erica  160  57  9060
Holly  154 60 9267

So congratulations to Sasha! A storming performance, laying four and a third times her own body-weight in eggs. Yay Noodle! And not that surprising – she has set new records for the longest continual laying of any of our girls: currently standing at 34 eggs in a row, from 18th November to 21st December. Who knows what she’s capable of! She is a laying machine, that’s for sure.

In second place is our other Junior Noodle, Miss Erica, and the rounding out the top three – by one egg – is Madam Holly, which is something of a surprise. She’s been an unspectacular layer, but persistence certainly pays off. And it’s pleasing that the other two pullets are right up there too. Ditto Neroli and Lily, who, at two and three years older respectively , are not exactly letting the side down. Poppy has ample excuse by virtue of her motherhood-duties. Ella-eggs, as we have commented before, are rare and precious things.

Let’s not talk about Claire. Sigh!


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