The Naming of Chicks (is a serious matter)

November 28, 2011 § 1 Comment

Well the four chicks finally have names. And just like last year, not all were exactly keen to be involved in the process!

The easiest to name was little Yellow, our Coronation Sussex. We had vaguely though that the name of a monarch would be a good option, but Victoria is already taken (by one of Nicola’s girls), and we aren’t ready to assign a variation of Elizabeth to anyone just yet (too like “Bessie”, plus we already have two hens with E names). In the end, it was quite easy – Daisy. Hoping that she is, in fact, a she. Otherwise it’ll be Donald. 

The two Dorking boys have names which seem to suit them. Blue is Ben, and Red is Robin. (Or Robyn, if he does a Gabby on me and turns out to be a she).

Little Green was harder. We decided to look at Shakespearean names for her, so wrote ourselves out a shortlist of names we liked that used letters not already assigned to our existing flock (for ease of egg marking). Then we put each name on a separate piece of sticky-note paper, and took them out to see which one she would peck first. Poppy was the first of our girls to choose her name this way.

Last year when we were trying to get Erica to pick her new name out, it seemed that everyone but Erica was willing to peck at the paper. (Hence she remained Erica.) I was hoping that little Green would be a bit more helpful.

Sigh …

First of all, Daisy grabbed a piece of paper and ran away with it, with the others in pursuit. I retrieved it, put it back with the others, and offered them to Green again.

This time Robin took one. I repeated the retrieval, snaffled Poppy (who is extremely prone to trying to take over these sorts of proceedings) and tried once more to encourage the little girl to have an opinion in the process. She hopped over the top of all of them and snuggled into my elbow, looking winsome. And while I was paying attention to her, Ben took one of the names.

Weirdly, all three chicks had picked the same name. I’d made a point of putting them back in different configurations each time, so it wasn’t that they were picking the closest one or anything like that. So in the absence of a decision from her, we decided to go with the verdict of her siblings – Imogen.


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§ One Response to The Naming of Chicks (is a serious matter)

  • Some chooks in Dunedin says:

    Hello to Ben, Daisy, Imogen and Rob[i/y]n!

    Looks like they are starting the ugly-cute phase :)

    love, us

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