Poppy’s Quartet at 24 hours old

November 15, 2011 § Leave a comment

Technically little green is more like 48 hours old here, and yellow only about 12 hours old. But for simplicity’s sake, we’ll assign them all to the same day – November 12th.

Dorkings are usually easy to sex at hatching, but none of these guys have particularly strong headstripes. Which suggests that they might all be boys. (Although Gabrielle didn’t have much marking at all, and hence was able to keep me referring to her as ‘little Dorking boy’ for quite a few months. Sigh!) But I think little green might be a girl – it’s the eye markings. Going back over photos of previous Dorking clutches, chicks with eyeliner have all turned out to be girls. Fingers crossed, anyway.

We have no idea whatsoever about the sex of our single Coronation Sussex chick. Apparently tey are quite hard to sex until at least four or five months old, so it’ll be guesswork based on behaviour and growth rate that will determine the pronoun we use. We hope s/he will turn out to be a pullet …


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