Brooding Day 8 – the first candling

October 31, 2011 § Leave a comment

Egg-512364As yesterday was Day Eight of brooding, we did our first candling of Poppy’s eggs.

It’s not looking great – there are only three of the Dorking and one of the Coronation Sussex eggs that are definitely alive and growing. Of the others, four Dorking and three Coronation Sussex look to be clear, so either weren’t fertile to begin with or didn’t survive transit.The other two Dorking I’m not sure about – I think there was some movement, but there’s also a hint of a blood ring about them. Ditto one of the remaining Sussex. And while the final egg had a suspicion of movement, I’m not absolutely certain it was within the egg (as opposed to my hand).

Normally you’d remove any eggs that seemed to be infertile at this point, but I can’t quite believe their viability is as bad as it seems, so we’ll leave all the eggs under her for a few more days. Just in case …

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