Gabrielle goes to the vet

October 25, 2011 § Leave a comment

We had to take Gabrielle to the vets today. Or as we prefer to say “off to visit Auntie Pauline …”

When we first let the girls out into their new run, the thing that most occupied their attention was having one hell of a good time scritching around a clump of tussock grass. Lots of fun. Unfortunately tussock is also quite a scratchy substance, and Gabby managed to swipe herself thoroughly across the face with it. We discovered this last Tuesday. The abrasions looked unpleasant but not serious, so we left her alone, working on the basis that anything we did at this stage would probably attract dirt or make things worse.

Unfortunately things got worse on their own, and by the weekend we were getting  bit worried. Unfortunately this weekend was a public holiday here, so we had to wait until this morning to take her in. Poor girl was pretty unhappy – keeping the eye closed and sitting in one corner of the run, rubbing her eye and face on her wing (another reason why we thought the hands-off approach was the safest bet). We had an antibiotic left from Bessie’s treatment, so she got two small doses of that over the weekend, while we waited for the practice to reopen.

Pauline was initially quite worried that the eye might be a sign of something more sinister, but a check of her temperature and a listen to her lungs etc showed nothing unusual. It appears to be what we had thought – she’s essentially cut/grazed her eyelid, inside and out, and it’s gotten infected. So she’s on antibiotics for a week, and I have an ointment to apply to both her eyes twice a day. (Oh joy. Oh well.) In theory the improvement should be quite rapid, so fingers crossed …


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