Putting the eggs under Poppy

October 23, 2011 § Leave a comment

The eggs from Poultry Valley & Lifestyle arrived safely on Thursday, so after extensive examination and a 36 hour rest period, yesterday we tucked them under Poppy. Actually we tucked 15 of the 18 under her – in theory she could cover them all, but we know that 15 is manageable, both for incubation and then (hopefully!) for brooding if we get a 100% hatch rate. (Well, you never know …)

We had looked the eggs over as soon as they arrived to make sure there were no cracks etc visible, and they all seemed intact.We made notes on things like weight, shape, colour and whether there were any rough bits or potential concerns with calcium pimples or chalky shell and so on. And on Friday night we candled them, to get a better look at the shell density. As it happens there were a couple that we were a bit worried about – there was some mottling on the shells that suggested they might be a bit porous, which candling confirmed. They would probably be fine to hatch – they all feel within normal shell thickness – but when you’re looking for a reason to omit a couple, considerations like that are quite useful. And eggs DK 7, 10 & 11 were the ones we chose to omit.

Below in the table is the list of all the eggs, with details about their weight and anything else notable. (We’re doing this for our own records as much as for public edification.) Clicking on the thumbnail will open a larger photo. We’ll update you with the results of candling this weekend …


Egg Weight Comments (image)
DK1 62 g long, white
DK2 60 g white, teardrop, some calcium speckles
DK3 60 g white, long, slight bulge low down, some mottling
DK4 59 g off-white, some mottling and calcium pimples
DK5 59 g off-white, fat round with a pointy end, some discolouration on point
DK6 58 g off-white, roundish. shell slightly discoloured but looks strong
DK7 57 g whitish, with lots of mottling and calcium speckles, discoloured around point
DK8 57 g whitish, long, with some mottling and calcium pimples
DK9 56 g white, teardrop, a cluster of calcium pimples on point, but looks sound and strong
DK10 55 g off-white, lots of mottling, pimpling and discolouration
DK11 55 g white, long, chalky texture to shell, lots of mottling
DK12 54 g white, teardrop, a fair bit of pimpling including one big cluster on the side
CS1 63 g pale beige, very blunt oval, a hint of mottling on point, some calcium speckles
CS2 63 g reddish-tan colour, very round teardrop, with latitudinal creases, feels strong
CS3 60 g paler tan, long, not easy to distinguish point from blunt end
CS4 57 g paler tan, teardrop with creases, lots of calcium pimples, and some dirt/muck smears
CS5 57 g pale pale tan, teardrop, a bit chalky shelled, lots of pimples and a rough surface, but feels strong
CS6 55 g pale pale tan, nice regular oval shape, no visible blemishes

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