Three … two … one … Broody!

October 6, 2011 § Leave a comment

Poppy has done what she does best – gone in the space of 24 hours from perfectly normal† to BROODY – confirmed by a broody-poo.

So we’ve had a lovely few days discussing what sorts of eggs we’d like to get to put under her. Then a day or so of trying to contact people who have stopped breeding chooks (like Liselle – waaa!) before lining up the batch we want, from Sandy at Poultry Valley & Lifestyle.

We’re having to time it a bit carefully to fit in around a few other commitments – the nice thing about chooks and incubation is that you can pick the day you want hatching to happen and just work backwards 20 days to decide when you’ll put the eggs under the hen. (It’s technically a 21 day incubation, but most people find that a broody hen – rather than an artificial incubator – is more likely to be 20 days.) But the order is in – we’re (hopefully!) getting a dozen Dorking eggs and half a dozen Coronation Sussex. We’ll probably not put all of them under her, but pick the best looking fifteen or so. Or maybe we’ll just put them all under her and see what the usual attrition rates result in. The one slight concern is that we’ve not had much success with eggs shipped from the North Island, although that was mainly down to the @&%!$# couriers losing the eggs for a couple of days.

Coronation Sussex, if you haven’t come across them before, are the classic white-hen-with-lacey-collar, except instead of being a black lace on white feathers (normal Sussex), they have a lavender-blue lacing. Very pretty!

It’s going to be nice to have bubs around us again, even if most of them end up being either sold or put in the freezer.

† Well, normal for Poppy. I mean, she’s obsessed with shoving her head into Jo’s armpit.

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