Bessie – some bad news

August 23, 2011 § Leave a comment

Some bad news today – Bessie has a tumour, and it’s not something that can be operated on. So she’s dying.

We’d been worried about her throat infection – it just wouldn’t clear up properly, even after trying a couple of different antibiotics. We had thought it was essentially sorted back in June – she got given a double course of antibiotics, which seemed to have knocked it. But things started to get mucky again at the end of July (although the bad breath didn’t seem to come back), and so she went back on to antibotics again early this month. But this time things didn’t seem to improve, so after a couple more courses of drugs we took her in to Pauline yesterday.

Pauline started by using tweezers and long cotton swabs to pull out the caseous pus. There’s no dainty way of describing it – imagine a couple of tablespoons-full of yellowed cottage cheese, and you’ll get some idea of what it was like. A stonkingly huge amount of pus. Pauline just kept pulling it out in great wodges.

And then the “oh … this doesn’t look good”. (Given how revolting everything already looked …)

To cut a long story short, it seems that the recurrant throat infection is secondary to a squamous-cell carcinoma (confirmed by a pathologist). And there’s nothing anyone can do.

It doesn’t seem to be causing her distress (other than the infection), so we’re basically going to give her palliative care for as long as she is still enjoying her life. She’ll be on pain meds and periodic antibiotics to stop the infection from flaring up again, and will be spoilt as much as we can. She’s an old girl now – we think about seven years old – so it’s not entirely surprising that something like this has happened, I guess. And at least we’ll have the chance to say good bye to her.

Poor old Boo.


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