Brown eggs of many shades

June 1, 2011 § Leave a comment

I thought it would be interesting to show you just how various the brown eggs from our pullets are. In theory, Barnevelder eggs should be a rich, dark brown, almost chocolate colour. What they mainly seem to be with these three is extremely variable!

five from Katie

These are Katie’s first five eggs. No wonder I thought we must have two pullets laying! Super speckled to evenly freckled. Dark tan to a ruddy brown. Amazing variability, and that’s just one pullet.

three from Maggie

It’s a similar story if you look at three of the first eggs from Maggie and Zsa Zsa. Again, quite a variety of shades, and a fairly large variability in the amount of speckling.

three from Zsa Zsa

Katie seems so far to be the darkest, and Zsa Zsa seems to be more towards the stippled rather than the speckled. Sort of. And none of them are quite as dark as we’d hoped. But they’re still gorgeous. And taste just as good.

L to R: Maggie, Zsa Zsa, Sasha

You can see from this group of three that Sasha’s eggs, while still definitely brown, are a different shade to those of the Barne girls. So far she seems to be very like her mum, and lays eggs that are a lovely clear brown that you just want to stroke.

Brown eggs. Lovely!

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