The first egg from the Horde – Katie!

May 16, 2011 § Leave a comment

Hooray, we have the first egg from the Horde pullets – and it’s from Katie! A lovely little 50 g dark brown egg. Laid with a bit of cackling, but seemingly no trouble.

I didn’t expect her to be first – Gabby has been spending all her time in and out of the nestbox, groaning as loudly as she can. And while Katie had started dippy about a week ago, Zsa zsa has been doing so even longer. So we’ve been in daily expectation of someone starting to lay soon.

And it’s timely for Katie too – on the morning that we bopped the boys, we heard a strangled attempt at crowing, coming from the Combine, where there were supposed to be only pullets … We actually  saw Katie crowing two or three times after that, so we’d started to think that she would also have to be for the chop – she’s not a particularly good example of a Barnevelder, shape-wise, and selling a pullet with gender identification issues would be a tricky matter (morally, and potentially legally).

But she’s started laying, and has become a bit of a sweetie in the last few weeks. So what the hell, we’ll keep her. Saved by the shell! †

† (Sorry.)


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