Laying summary – March and April 2011

May 5, 2011 § Leave a comment

And now we’re into the Egg Drought. Sigh! That time of year, I guess, when laying hens start moulting. At least an early moult means they should be back in good feather by winter. Maybe even laying again? Fingers crossed. And fingers crossed that some of the pullets start up soon!

Ok, time for the egg charts.

As you can see, Poppy was still laying. And moulting – definitely moulting. Which is odd. Although that pretty much defines Poppy … But layer of the month for March 2011 is Miss Lily, with a very respectable 16 eggs at an average weight of 58.36 g. Yay Lily! After taking three weeks off, Poppy managed 14 eggs, and Bessie 7. Ella managed to lay one that we could weigh, and broke another in the nest. And is also moulting. And grumpy, did I mention grumpy?

On to April:

Yep, it’s a two-hen race. And we were positively swimming with eggs – three! In total! From six hens! Let’s be wildly extravagant, and give you all the details.

  • Egg 1 – Lily, on April 1st. 60 g.
  • Egg 2 – Bessie, April 1st, and it was 57 g.
  • Egg 3 – Lily again, on April 3rd. 62 g this time.

And now they’re both moulting. And we are looking likely to have to buy eggs for the first time since Bessie started laying back in June 2007. Unless the bubs hurry up and start …


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