Saying Goodbye to Frida

March 14, 2011 § Leave a comment

We buried our beautiful girl yesterday afternoon.

On Saturday we went out to various garden centres to buy another big pot and find a suitable tree to plant over her. After quite a bit of wandering around, we ended up buying a Worcester Pearmain from Country Gardens. It’s supposed to be a lovely early variety, and given how young Frida was when she started laying, it seems appropriate.

We kept her wrapped in a towel in the fridge until we were ready. Originally we’d thought about getting an autopsy done, something to find out what the hell happened. But Pauline wasn’t there this weekend, so we decided to let it go. No amount of knowing can bring her back. As it was, having her still in the house was both comforting and terribly sad. Every trip to the fridge was a chance to stroke her feathers one last time, say goodbye, and I love you, again. But it was time to let her go.
And so we did.

Every morning when we have our showers and get started, we can open the window and say good morning to her. And every evening as we close the blinds in the conservatory we can lean out the window and wish her good night. The fantails can come and sit in her branches, and look at us with eyes almost as bright, almost as intelligent as hers.

And life will go on.

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