Laying summary – November and December 2010

January 2, 2011 § Leave a comment

Unfortunately, I was right about the laying tailing off. Not entirely surprising, given that the hotter months do tend to supress laying. Not to mention that we have one hen out of action with a broken leg; one out looking after chicks; and one who died at the end of October. So we’ve only got five hens to do the laying: a 62.5% reduction in potential laying power. (Ok, Frida is still laying the odd egg. But they’ve been shell-less, or broken/unweighable.)
Time for the chart:

Not pretty, is it? Although that’s a little unfair to Neroli, who did lay a more-than-respectable 22 eggs, and thereby took out Layer of the Month. And Lily wasn’t far behind – 18 eggs. Bessie came to a screeching halt mid-month when she decided that Ella and Poppy were having all the fun, and went broody. Even Claire managed to chip in (although we’re talking one egg, and only one … sigh!). But it was only 49 eggs for the month – less than half of the month before (although see earlier statistics regarding actual proportion of flock available). And four eggless days.

December was a definite improvement on November, eggwise. 68 eggs. And look!

Yes, that’s right. Ella’s back in lay! The 18 recorded is not the whole story – for some reason she laid a couple of very thin shelled eggs that were too mashed into the nest litter to be weighable. (Heat, possibly?)
And Claire has stopped laying. (No surprises there.)

But the winner, once again, was Neroli, with 21 eggs at an average weight of 54.14 g. Yay Neroli!


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