Competition – Poppy’s Horde: boy, or girl?

December 13, 2010 § 1 Comment

As promised, we finally have some photos of each of Poppy’s bubs. Unfortunately, at three weeks old, they have entered The Ugly Zone, and are no longer cute. New feathers are coming through to replace chick fluff, and markings are appearing, disappearing, merging and migrating. So these photo show the one area that is now starting to show some distinct change: their combs.

As a general rule, and leaving out breed-specific attributes, there are three things that differ between cockerels and pullets:

  • Combs: boys’ are usually bigger and coarser than girls’.
  • Legs: again, boys’ are usually bigger, especially around the knees.
  • Feathering: here the advantage is with the girls. Pullets begin feathering up much sooner than boys.

So here’s your challenge. All bubs are the same age (within a few hours). Environmental factors are the same for all. And (other than the Dorking chick) we have multiple chicks of each breed for you to compare between, and all individuals of each breed came from the same breeder(s). Which do you think are going to be boys, and which ones girls? Hovering over the photo will give you the chick’s ID. Leave your answers (with reasons, if you like) in the comments. The person with the most correct answers will win a copy of one of our favourite chook books. (We’ll decide what book when the time comes, based on what you have, and what we can get a copy of for not too much money!) In the event of multiple people getting the same numbers correct, we’ll resort to alectromancy to determine a winner. We should know who is what in a couple of months … goodluck!


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§ One Response to Competition – Poppy’s Horde: boy, or girl?

  • Esme says:

    Rhode Island blue c
    RI yellow c
    RI red p
    RI orange p
    Barnevelder blue c
    Bv green p
    Bv yellow p
    Bv pink p
    Barred Rock blue p
    BR pink p
    BR green c
    Dorking too obvious now ;)

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